How a Lotion Works & Several Tips for a Healthy SkinTo understand how a lotion works you should first of all be aware that your skin consists of multiple layers. A lotion interacts with the epidermis, the very top layer of the skin. This layer is very thin and could be compared to a piece of paper. Nevertheless the epidermis is not very permeable and protects our body from the outside factors so keeping foreign objects out.

On the other hand, skin is considered to have not very high degree of permeability. For instance, water could easily soak into it. But still the most important nutrients reach the skin from the inside, i.e. through the blood. So to speak, if you want to make your skin healthier and to substitute it with all the necessary vitamins it's necessary to get these vitamins to the blood. That is why it's meaningless to add any kind of vitamins with a lotion.

Before using a lotion you should clean your skin properly, not to allow dirt to get into the pores with the lotion. On the other hand, a lotion should not be used when it breaks down over time.

Besides there are several tips, which are rather helpful, if you want your skin to look good.

It's very important to eat healthy food. Though you may think that it doesn't influence the look of your skin, it really does. For instance, if you consume too much sugar, your skin may become listless and bloaty.

Many people think that drinking much water may result in gaining a weight. But in fact, if your body 'wants' water then it really needs that. Water helps flush the toxins from your body and helps your body and skin look healthy.

One more thing which is rather necessary for healthy skin is a good sleep. Dark rings under the eyes are a result of bad sleep, because your skin has not managed to renew and refresh.

And of course, the other factor, which influences the state of your skin greatly, is smoking. That's why quit this bad habit and you have not only healthy skin but a healthy body as well.